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In March of 2015 an expedition to the Chagos Archipelago, initiated and led by Jon Schleyerand assisted by Dr Elizabeth Widman in collaboration with both Google Trekker and Catlin Seasurvey.

This expedition has resulted in an extensive library of 360 degree panoramic images of the Chagos Archipelago for 20 islands and 29 underwater transects. The funders of the expedition include: BIOTA, XL Catlin, Chagos Conservation Trust, Google, the Zoological Society of London, and the John Topp Botanical Fund.

Our hope is to integrate this fantastic imagery into ChIP in a manner that is both useful for scientist and public engagement. We currently seek funding to support these efforts. If you are a funder interested in contributing to these efforts please contact either Dr Elizabeth Widman or Professor Charles Sheppard, OBE.

In the meanwhile, you can view the Catlin Seaview Tracks on the Seaview website. You can enjoy Google Views and facts of the island imagery via Google's Remote Islands of the World Collection or view the island tracks via google maps using the links below for convenience.

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